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want to escape, the entire road 'bronze battle Ge' in trembling, very afraid. 'How,' bronze battle Ge 'actually trembling, and that a giant black shield in the end is what Christian Louboutin Outlet kind of existence. "Station in life and death outside those spectators who, one by one face very surprised to know that' bronze battle Ge ' But jiangjia since ancient times and the fairy, unusual, though, is the next product fairy realm, but it is extremely frightening, Ying Han VF fairy is easy, but it hit him in the Regulus black lacquer armor at the moment, 'bronze battle Ge' is trembling, and this is a thoroughly from the bones sent to the fear that comes out of obedience. While many people were surprised when, almost frantically screaming Regulus up an extremely large pure spiritual source of strength, constantly influx of Regulus in vivo, are derived from Regulus body out of that a huge portal, is a Road roaring horror fairy light, he has to break through! "Damn, had swallowed five jin pure spiritual source, is not enough!" See Regulus not break the shackles bucket cents, greedy old man could not help shouting loudly, you know five jin pure spiritual source but is equivalent to five million pounds of pure Doowon, and Regulus is a very scary vampire. "Enough talk, break, give me a break!" Regulus who looked very majestic world rushes forward vindictive, Jiang Yi days to understand, to devour Regulus is absolutely pure spiritual source of endless struggle to break through the fairy realm! Jiang Yi-day hearts are shocked, I did not expect Regulus into Christian Louboutin Outlet Men the bucket Wonderland world actually need such a flood of pure spiritual source, is simply appalling, absolutely can not allow the bucket Regulus break christian louboutin outlet online into a fairy realm, otherwise, the variable is big. Jiang Yi days without any hesitation, I saw his hands showing three cents symbol, above the atmosphere of terror circulation, as volcanic eruptions, meteor fall, the momentum is extremely frightening. This three cents character named 'picture day Xiao Xian fire breaks', horrible power, but with
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