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ssed.As silver snow speculated general, Nie Feng annihilation palm is the body's vitality Addict longer the more concise, more power is huge moves, before the war with Qingshuang son, just rush hair strokes, so power is not strong, and now After a long period of concise, annihilation palm finally show a mutually exclusive attribute of the terrible power of the formation of annihilation.From just when the war with silver snow, Nie Feng has already begun to merge Addict strength, and this strength in the fusion with silver snow still able to fight, that is, thanks to the city before Lan Cang, learn the techniques of control jade hydrangea , and have to say, this strength nuanced control, let MBT Sandalen Nie Feng while fighting at the same time be able to, but you can while mixing Addict strength, it can be said, Nie Feng, this technique is to play the most!Brutal spirit shuttle, destroying the palm is not destroyed swallowed, but Wan never bite the brutal annihilation of the palm under the Spirit constantly being swallowed annihilation, but more frightening is that annihilation palm in the destruction, after a lot of brutal spirit, but it is more and more strong, heavy coercion have been heard and felt enveloped the sky like a dragnet gray palm-down force, silver snow pupil broke out a strong golden light, slowly refining evil were again raised. "Bite tactic!Shijianxielong?Evil Gansu bite! ! "(Does not want to fall (suction) (fine) word actually also crab, and if said heavenly crab powerful it?Or that people are now thinking it really is not pure ==)
Chapter 399 is giant hand caught Albatron child, life is constantly being drawn out as general, and soon, Albatron child already face gray eyes even look lost everything in a short period of time which, Albatron child's vitality, Nie Feng's right hand has been MBT Schuhe Billig swallowed clean.The son killed Albatron Nie Feng is not a good time, swallowed Albatron sub vitality right hand, just like the same MBT Schuhe Kaufen is placed in the furnace burning pain, even Nie Feng, has also been such a strong pain get
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